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Our Academy is a legitimate daughter of Smart Guide. SG Academy offers its members day-by-day training and close-monitoring package for all students of all ages which will ensure success by a well-studied progress timeline.

Besides the academia, Smart Guide Academy provides a wide base extracurricular activity program (Life besides Schooling). Such as Music, visits to archeological, historical, scientific locations, Cooking amongst others.

SG Academy will be a leading Academy in integrating, teaching and learning advancements of the knowledge base through research and leadership in service and outreach.

Furthermore, the institution will be a world leader in preparing professionals who provide leadership and exemplary educational and related services to improve the lives of individuals in a changing and complex global society.

Our Latest Programs

Our Instructors Share our Vision. We’re a vibrant, diverse, and big-hearted community. We have unparalleled pride in our instructors and staff who are totally dedicated for giving you a never-before learning experience that will surely reflect in unbeatable success.

Trusted by Over 500+ Students

We have a fully qualified and very well educated teaching staff, continuous student counseling, and a very effective and enthusiastic student support staff.

Our Professional Instructors



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